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  • Reclaimed

    by Sarah Guillory
    296 pages
    Reviewed by The Book Dealer

    I had the pleasure of meeting and introducing Sarah Guillory at the Louisiana State University YA Lit Conference this summer. I raced to find the book online, and once I began reading, I couldn’t stop.

    The story begins with Jenna Oliver, a girl who is dealing with the death of her beloved grandfather (Pops) and the subsequent downward spiral of her mother due to losing her father. Jenna feels the weight of guilt, as she was not with him at the time of his death; she was with a young man who charmed her into leaving the hospital to spend time with him.
    Now, Jenna doesn’t have time to get involved with one boy, let alone two. She is bound and determined to escape her small hometown of Solitude and make sure she doesn’t make the same mistakes as her mother. The problem is the McAlister twins move to town. First, she meets Ian, the brother who is “safe.” Recently, he has lost part of his memory, which seems to continue to deteriorate. When meeting Jenna, he finds happiness and feels he is starting to live again.

    Luke, on the other hand, knows the whole story that Ian can’t seem to remember. Ian keeps Luke hidden from Jenna, but once Jenna discovers Luke by chance, everything changes. Always living in the shadows of his brother, Luke feels undeserving of Jenna, but he just can’t stay away. Ian’s discovery of Luke’s and Jenna’s connection could be the spark that RECLAIMS his memory.

    Notes to Teachers: mild language and subtle sexual references

    Suggestions for Possible Concepts: \ Family, Struggles and Perseverance, Relationships

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