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  • Million-Dollar Throw

    by Mike Lupica
    244 pages
    Reviewed by Tommy Jennings
    Grade 4

    “And the deal, as I recall, went something like this: This isn’t a job for you. It’s an adventure,” she said.

    “I am almost sure you stole that from somebody.”


    Nate Brodie and Abby McCall have been life-long best friends. Nate, a kid with a golden arm, is a great quarterback and the biggest Tom Brady fan you’ll ever meet. Abby is just good at everything.

    Shortly after his 13th birthday, Nate, his mom, and his best friend Abby McCall make a trip to SportStuff, where Nate is finally able to buy the limited edition autographed Brady football for which he’s been saving $500.00 Abby looks at a poster and finds there is a contest to throw a ball into a twenty-inch target from the 30 yard line.
    It’s a one-in-a-million chance, but Nate wins the contest and a shot at the big money. He goes home to find his parents sad because his dad lost his job. The money is very important to the family.
    To add to Nate’s worries, his best friend has her own troubles. Nate wants the best for her and tries to continue to be optimistic, the same way she is for him even as her own world begins to darken. Could Abby benefit more from this money? And if so, what about his family’s money issues?
    As Nate deals with these difficult changes and as the contest throw gets closer the pressure to make the million-dollar throw begins to affect him on the field, and he wonders if he will be able to achieve his goal of winning.

    Notes to Teachers: TI think this book would be great for people who are having problems and can get a good idea of how these problems are solved. I would say upper elementary and middle school students would like this book.

    Suggestions for Possible Concepts: MILLION-DOLLAR THROW is a wonderful, heartfelt story about the strength of friendship and family that can be enjoyed even by those who are not football fans.

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