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  • Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

    Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

    Hardcover, 307 pages

    Publication: September 13, 2011.2
    St. Martin’s Griffin
    This high-paced novel is the first in Amy Kathleen Ryan’s series, Glow, is the first of a series. Written from the point of view of two protagonists, this is the story of Waverly and Kieran, now ages 16 and 17, who are born and raised on the Empyrean, a space ship. The mission of the crew is to populate the new Earth. Conflict ensues as the females of the ship are captured, and Kieran must uncover the truth about the kidnapping. With lots of action and plenty of talk of relationships, this book will truly enthrall young readers.
    This book touches on many topics that are often not talked about in today‚Äôs society, one being a lack of parental supervision. Although set on a spaceship, Ryan’s writing is realistic in terms of teens dealing with relationships and the idea of what makes for a great leader.

    Notes to Teachers: The topic of genetic testing and the harvesting of eggs, without or without permission, is possibly too mature for some students.
    Suggestions for Possible Concepts: Other Worlds, Ethical Leadership
    This article was authored by Susan Densmore-James. She is Assistant Professor at the University of West Florida and received a Ph.D. for Florida State University. She is the lead blogger here at the Book Dealer and lives for finding the right book for very child.

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