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  • Rapunzel: Twice Upon a Time

    by Wendy Mass
    288 pages
    Reviewed by The Junior Book Dealer: Elena Elizabeth Hynes

    You have heard the tale of Rapunzel, but Wendy Mass’s Rapunzel is very different because the two main characters are more interesting in this story. Rapunzel is trapped in a castle because her parents traded her for an herb that would make them rich. Benjamin, the prince, is not your normal prince charming. He is a bit clumsy at the normal prince games, and he wishes he could be a knight instead of a prince.

    Also in the story there are a few twists. Both characters are a bit awkward. There is a green troll named Stephen that helps save their lives, and the witch has even more attitude than the one in the original story.

    The ending is filled with action and, of course, is not like the original version. Read Rapunzel if you like humor mixed with fairy tales.

    Notes to Teachers: I think this book is best for upper elementary girls. The book is written using language from long ago, so some of the words are difficult to understand. This is the LONGEST book I have read, so make sure the student likes long books.

    Suggestions for Possible Concepts: Heroes, Fairy Tales, Relationships

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