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  • My Book of Life by Angel

    My Book of Life by Angel by Martin Leavitt
    256 pages
    Reviewed by Jordan Lamar of Gulf Breeze High School

    My Book of Life by Angel is a novel written in free verse that depicts the gritty tale of a teen prostitute and her courageous pursuit towards a better life. Leavitt’s use of free verse in the novel allows the raw emotion of the terrible tribulations faced by a female prostitute to shine through, without allowing the graphic subject material to become unbearable for the reader.

    This novel is a compassionate story that not only puts the search for ones’ self on display, but also makes the reader consider the humanity of society as a whole. It strips away all of the safety of the reader by exposing them to the harsh realities of life.

    Ultimately, the reader will become more aware and sensitive towards the plight of so many teens that live this tumultuous lifestyle. By promoting knowledge of the grim circumstances that life can sometimes hold, this novel forces students to take notice of a reality in which they have been sheltered.

    Notes to Teachers: Due to the nature of the book, it would best serve high school students (and adults). The content is mature and includes such topics as drug use and other adult situations, but the lessons learned are valuable for older teens
    Suggestions for Possible Concepts: Struggles and Perseverance would be a good fit for this narrative, but so would Choices, Struggles and Perseverance, and Destiny.
    This book review was authored by Jordan Lamar. Jordan is an avid reader and writer who attends Gulf Breeze High School in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

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