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  • The Deepest Cut

    306 pages


    Reviewed by Dr. Russ Yocum


    The Deepest Cut, by J.A. Templeton, is a paranormal romance, and the first book in The MacKinnon Curse series. Riley, her brother Shane,
    and their dad move from Portland to Scotland. Riley blames herself for her mother’s death and resorts to cutting to deal with her grief… and she’s been able to see spirits since the car accident that took her mother.


    Riley and her brother deal with the loss of their mother, and with the stresses related to moving to a new country and being new in school. Riley finds herself falling in love with a ghost who’s been cursed to roam the earth for more than 200 years and is forced to confront the evil spirit that cursed him! This book is interesting and fast-paced!





    Notes to Teachers: . (MATURE YA)
    Due to strong language, mention of cutting, alcohol and drug use, and sexual situations, THE DEEPEST CUT is not intended for younger teens. Although these topics are part of the content of the novel, they are handled well and are not glorified.


    Suggestions for Possible Concepts: Struggles and Persevarance, Family, Relationships, and Other Worlds, just to name a few.


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