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  • Monthly Archives: November 2019

    NCTE 2019- Great Session!

    This week at NCTE, Meaghan Gulledge, a student in UWF’s Master’s in Reading Program, presented an engaging session related to the dialogic classroom. Here is a summary in her own words, of what works in getting ALL students reading. I especially love the innovative terms she uses, as she talks about “KINDLING” (books) and stacking these just right to provide the students with the background knowledge needed to conquer more challenging text throughout the school year (or, as she puts it, “starting the fire”).

    Fanning the Flames of Inquiry: The Transformative Power of a Dialogic Classroom

    By Meaghan Gulledge

    NCTE 2019 Presentation

    I believe that all children are learners… however, not every child believes that of themselves. How, as teachers, do we fire up our struggling learners? Kids who have not found success are often our most apathetic students. They come to third grade having already given up, just when accountability is at an all-time high.…