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  • Monthly Archives: May 2017

    So. Be. It


    by Sarah Weeks
    244 pages
    Reviewed by The Book Dealer

    “I would be lying if I said that given a choice, I wouldn’t rather know than not know. But there are some things you can just know for no good reason other than that you do, and then there are other things that no matter how badly you want to know them, you just can’t” (p.4).
    There is something so very sweet about a book that reminds us that FAMILY includes those people we choose, not just the people who are our blood relatives. Maybe it is because I am an adoptive mother of an amazing 12 (almost 13)-year-old, but this book just tugged at every heart string I have.
    The story starts with the reader meeting Heidi, a young lady whose mother only speaks 23 words. Nothing is clear to Heidi, due to her mother’s limitations as a mentally disabled woman.…