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  • Monthly Archives: April 2014

    Jake and Lily

    jake copy

    by Jerry Spinelli
    352 pages
    Reviewed by The Junior Book Dealer (Elena Elizabeth Hynes)

    “I kept looking at Ernie with his Daffy Duck T-shirt and his white smear of sunblock on his sunburned nose and his clumsiness and his never-ending cheeriness, and I realized he was the same as always. He fit the definition of a goober as perfectly as ever. He hadn’t changed at all. I had. Forget what I said a couple of pages ago: goobers do exist. They are what they are, which is pretty much what I thought they were. What Bump thinks they are. But Bump is missing the point: it is okay to be a goober. Beneath every goober is a kid. A person. Maybe he’s not what you would call a ‘regular.’ But so what? Is that a bad thing?” (Spinelli, p. 322)

    Jake and Lily is one of the best books I have read so far.…

    Flora and Ulysses


    by Kate DiCamillo
    261 pages
    Reviewed by The Junior Book Dealer (Elena Elizabeth Hynes)

    “She stood at the window and watched as the squirrel was vacuumed up.
    Poof. Fwump.
    ‘Holy Bagumba,’ said Flora.

    Flora Buckman is a self-proclaimed cynic. She dreams of having a superhero in her life like the ones she reads about in her comics. One day, that dream comes true when a squirrel gets vacuumed up in Tootie Tickman’s new Ulysses 3000 vacuum. Flora performs CPR on the small rodent in order to keep him alive, and what happens next is unbelievable.
    Suddenly, the squirrel was very hungry. Not only was he hungry, but he understood Flora. The story gets better and better as more characters are introduced. We learn that Flora’s mother and father are divorcing, and the Tickman’s have a visiting great nephew named William Spiver who also has his share of problems, including his “temporary blindness.”
    Ulysses brings all these characters together with his poetry and incredible powers.…