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  • Monthly Archives: January 2013

    The Deepest Cut

    306 pages


    Reviewed by Dr. Russ Yocum


    The Deepest Cut, by J.A. Templeton, is a paranormal romance, and the first book in The MacKinnon Curse series. Riley, her brother Shane,
    and their dad move from Portland to Scotland. Riley blames herself for her mother’s death and resorts to cutting to deal with her grief… and she’s been able to see spirits since the car accident that took her mother.


    Riley and her brother deal with the loss of their mother, and with the stresses related to moving to a new country and being new in school. Riley finds herself falling in love with a ghost who’s been cursed to roam the earth for more than 200 years and is forced to confront the evil spirit that cursed him! This book is interesting and fast-paced!





    Notes to Teachers: . (MATURE YA)
    Due to strong language, mention of cutting, alcohol and drug use, and sexual situations, THE DEEPEST CUT is not intended for younger teens.

    A Long Walk to Water

    128 pages


    Reviewed by Margie Pitts


    Nya and Salva must walk to survive. Nya walks approximately eight hours a day to provide water for her family. Salva walks to escape the civil war that has ravaged his country. Rather than be captured to be a child warrior in the Sudanese Civil War, he and hundreds of thousands of “Lost Boys” escape as refugees.


    This novel is based on true events in Salva’s life and comes full circle when his non-profit organization, Water for Sudan, drills a water well in Nya’s Village.


    Both characters are prime examples of endurance and perseverance. Their determination to surmount harsh conditions, natural and man made, proves that hope is the key to survival and a promising future.

    “I overcame all the difficult situations of my past because of the hope and perseverance that I had. I would have not made it without these two things.…

    The Difference Between You and Me

    by Madeleine George
    261 pages


    Each teen should be able to find a reflection of themselves within the books that they read, and that’s why The Difference Between You and Me by Madeleine George is an important addition to Young Adult Literature. The book follows the story of two girls; Jesse is an outcast who is constantly trying to “stick it to the man”; Emily is the popular girl working to be the perfect “Future Business Woman of America”. They couldn’t be more different, but they secretly meet every Tuesday in the public library’s second floor bathroom for a hot and heavy make-out session. But once out of the bathroom, they never acknowledge each other. However, through events happening in their town, this “relationship” changes over the course of the book into something neither girl saw coming.


    These two girls are going through a difficult period, both sexually and mentally.…

    Life Happens Next

    by Terry Trueman
    97 pages


    Reviewed by THE BOOK DEALER


    Never have I read a second book in a series and felt as if it was better than the first. Terry Trueman’s Life Happens Next , the sequel to Trueman’s award-winning novel Stuck in Neutral , left me wanting even more.


    The story begins where the first ended. Shawn McDaniel, a teen who has Cerebral Palsy (C.P.), is contemplating his attempted murder the previous night (not going to dare spoil the ending of the first book by telling you who tried to kill him!). Although Shawn appears to be disabled both physically and mentally, he is blessed with intelligence and a sharp sense of humor. He tells the story using his wit and intellect, and at the beginning of the story, only the reader is aware of the “true” Shawn.


    Additionally, he is thinking about his life and what he has to live for, seeing that he has a severe case of C.P.…