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  • Monthly Archives: December 2012


    by Lauren Oliver
    373 pages


    Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver picks up right where the first book in the series, Delirium, left off. Lena, having escaped Portland and the government forcing her to “cure” herself from love, is struggling to survive in a dangerous, harsh, and alien world of The Wilds without Alex, the boy she loves, to give her strength. In the Wilds Lena is reborn and comes to rely on herself more than ever. Through this journey, Lena becomes part of the Resistance, learning more about her past and her future.


    One of the things Lauren Oliver does exceptionally well is craft living, breathing characters. Living in the Wilds, the new people Lena finds are hard without room for excuses, laziness or error. While there is freedom, there is still a sense of entrapment, as they never know when the next attack is going to come. Raven, the leader of the group, is one of the strongest in terms of development.…


    by Jessica Anthony and illustrated by Rodrigo Corral
    272 pages


    Chopsticks Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony & Rodrigo Corral told a story of beauty, fear, love, and madness all framed through photographs, images, and objects with the text being there to simply add another layer. A visual feast, the reader is drawn in so deep you’ll feel as if you lived in the book.


    The story is emotionally charged. It is the characters that make the plot evolve. Glory is a piano prodigy. Starting at a young age, she plays for hundreds, and is the next “wiz kid” of the classical world. But after the death of her mother, Glory starts to break down, dissolving further and further until all she can play is “Chopsticks.” During this time, a young artist named Frank moves in next door with his family. Glory and Frank find each other, connecting in a way that transcends the ordinary, working to balance the madness that threatens to consume Glory.…

    Finding the Game

    Finding the Game by Gwendolyn Oxenham
    288 pages
    Reviewed by THE BOOK DEALER

    Finding the Right Game is a truly inspirational account of a young lady who follows her dreams to experience and document pickup soccer around the globe. A resident from my own community of Gulf Breeze, Florida, Oxenham writes an enthralling account of her brave adventure of conquering her fear of leaving the safe confines of her comfortable life in order to share this narrative. She, along with her boyfriend and two friends, experience pick-up soccer in 25 countries. Their stories demonstrate to the reader reader how soccer connects people all around the world.

    The author tells her story with grit and humor, making this a non-fiction book that holds strong appeal for young adults and adults alike. Of course, athletes would enjoy Oxenham’s book, but all young adults would be drawn to Gwendolyn’s countless examples of perseverance.…